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  1. How long do batteries last?  

    Each of our product lines have different battery life depending on the features and functions of the product. Your experience may vary depending on the brand and freshness of your batteries.

    Mini Prints, Shadow Boxes and Framed Fiber Optic Prints use a minimal number of LED lights and therefore you can expect quite long battery life on these items. If you utilize the timer feature, it's not uncommon to get multiple weeks of use before changing batteries.

    Glow Prints: Our Made in the USA Fully Illuminated Prints use 30 LED lights to provide a vibrant and bright presentation.  If you utilize the 3 hour timer feature and turn your print on daily, you can expect about a week of life, the lights will gradually dim as the batteries weaken.

  2.  What brand of batteries are best?

    Kirkland Brand - Found at Costco, these are the batteries we use at home and at our tradeshows.  They are a great value and are good quality batteries. 

  3.  How does the remote control work?

    First, pull the plastic tab on the bottom of the remote. This prevents the battery from making contact during transit. Next, turn on the switch on the back of your print before you hang it.  Now you can use the remote to turn your print on and off, make color selections, timer features and more.

    If you remote is not working, please replace the battery with a CR2025 coin style battery.

  4. I lost my remote control or USB cord.

    We sell replacement parts here: Replacement Parts

  5.  How do I care for my glow print?

    Use a dry, lint free cloth or feather duster to dust your print periodically. Do not apply water or any cleaning solution to the artwork as it will damage the inks.  Do not display your print in direct sunlight. Even the most fade resistant inks and coatings will eventually fade in direct sunlight.  We use very high quality, genuine Canon brand inks, so they are water and sun resistant, but not immune to the elements.

  6. What is your return policy?

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Glow Décor you can return your item(s) for a full refund within 2 weeks purchase. (Returns must be in new condition, in the state you received them, and in the original packaging.)  Return shipping is not included. We are sorry, Personalized items cannot be returned for reasons other than defects in materials or workmanship.