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Hummingbirds and Fuchsia 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas

$ 24.99

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Hummingbirds and Fuchsia 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas Details:

  • Artwork © Greg & Company, LLC.
  • 8" x 6"
  • Easel Back
  • Fiber Optic/LED Technology
  • Auto Timer: On 6 HRS, Off 18 HRS.
  • Requires AA batteries, not included.
  • Made in China

About the Art:

Experience the magic of nature's love story with our Hummingbirds and Fuchsia 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas. This enchanting canvas showcases two dazzling hummingbirds hovering gracefully in front of a stunning display of fuchsia flowers.

The delicate balance of color and movement is truly mesmerizing. Every detail of the scene is captured in vivid detail, from the iridescent feathers of the hummingbirds to the intricate petals of the fuchsia blooms.

With the added bonus of built-in LED lights, this canvas will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. The soft glow will enhance the beauty of the hummingbirds and fuchsia, adding an extra dimension of wonder and charm to this already captivating work of art.

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