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Surf Shack 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas

$ 24.99

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Surf Shack 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas Details:

  • Artwork © Greg & Company, LLC.
  • 8" x 6"
  • Easel Back
  • Fiber Optic/LED Technology
  • Auto Timer: On 6 HRS, Off 18 HRS.
  • Requires AA batteries, not included.
  • Made in China

About the Art:

Experience the laid-back vibes of the beach with our Surf Shack 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas. This stunning piece captures the essence of a perfect day at the beach - a vintage car with a surfboard attached to the top parked on the sandy shore in front of a charming surf shack. The shack has a colorful sign offering surfboard rentals, inviting you to grab a board and hit the waves.

As the sun begins to set in the distance, casting a warm glow over the scene, a sailboat glides across the ocean waves. The whole picture is brought to life by the gentle illumination of the built-in lights, giving a soft and inviting ambiance to any room.

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