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Wishing Upon a Star 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas

$ 24.99

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Wishing Upon a Star 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas Details:

  • Artwork by Abraham Hunter.
  • 8" x 6"
  • Easel Back
  • Fiber Optic/LED Technology
  • Auto Timer: On 6 HRS, Off 18 HRS.
  • Requires AA batteries, not included.
  • Made in China

About the Art:

Indulge in a romantic evening under the stars with our enchanting Wishing Upon a Star 8x6 Lighted Tabletop Canvas. The stunning imagery features a majestic buck and a graceful doe sitting on the bank of a peaceful river, while on the other side of the water, a glowing tent beckons you closer with the warm flicker of a roaring fire. As you gaze up at the sky, a shooting star streaks across the heavens, while the shimmering stars twinkle above and the sliver of a radiant moon illuminates the scene.

Let the magic of this captivating canvas transport you to a world of romantic bliss. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want to enjoy a peaceful evening with your loved one, our Wishing Upon a Star canvas is the perfect addition to your decor. Let the serene scene and soft, comforting light inspire your hearts to dream and wish upon a star together.

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