Patriotic Garden Pizazz Print with Dazzling Crystals

Celebrate your love for country and nature with our Patriotic Garden Pizazz Print with Dazzling Crystals! This stunning piece features a vibrant watering can nestled among a bed of colorful flowers, framed by a classic white picket fence. Adorned with brilliant crystals, this print truly sparkles with beauty and patriotism.

The vibrant hues of red, white, and blue are proudly displayed in the stunning flowers bursting forth from the watering can, while two American flags flutter from the watering can, reminding us of the strength and beauty of our nation. Whether you're a nature lover or a proud patriot, this print is sure to bring joy and inspiration to any room.

Patriotic Garden Pizazz Print with Dazzling Crystals Details:

  • Artwork by Dona Gelsinger
  • Hand embellished with over 20 brilliant and sparkly Aurora Borealis Crystals
  • Includes an easel back and sawtooth hanger
  • 10" x 10" x .75"
  • Made in USA

About the Artist:

Dona Gelsinger is one of America's most celebrated and collected living artists. She is inspired daily by the rugged beauty of the Rogue River Valley of Southern Oregon where she resides with her family.  Her mission is to spread God's love and beauty through art.



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