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The Chapel LED Ornament

$ 12.00

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The Chapel LED Ornament Details:

  • 4.5" LED canvas ornament with glitter
  • Ribbon to hang
  • Requires AAA batteries, not included
  • Artwork by Dona Gelsinger

About the Art:

As you gaze upon the snow-covered landscape, your eyes are drawn to the mesmerizing sight of The Chapel LED Ornament. Standing proudly in the distance, the chapel's exquisite beauty is illuminated by the gentle glow of its LED canvas.

The chapel's warm and inviting aura beckons you closer, and as you approach, you can see a dazzling Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights, standing proudly by the front door. The snow crunches beneath your feet as you step forward, drawn in by the enchanting atmosphere.

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    Agnes MAESTAS
    All my Christmas ornaments

    I was very happy with my Christmas ornaments